Pulse Kids Revolution is a sports program for children aged 9 to 15.

The program is based entirely on high-intensity conditioning training sessions selected and programmed in line with the needs of the children at that age, i.e. 9-15.

The coaches who have created the program are professionals with long experience in the sphere of conditioning training in various sports such as volleyball, tennis, football, etc.

Fitness training is a trend and tendency – it gives fantastic results, regardless of whether it is the main sport for the child or builds on and complements another sport that the child practices – an individual or team sport.

What is unique about Pulse Kids REVOLUTION?

The program has no limits for the number of visits per month and it is paid every month.

The program includes exercise sessions that are a combination of mini fitness equipment and accessories – rowing machines, air bikes, stands for hyper extensions, rubber bands, ropes, parallel bars, dumbbells, levers etc.

For those of you who know PBoxX (the trademark of the most popular interactive fitness group activity) – this fitness accessory is also included in the Pulse Kids Revolution workouts.

Pulse Kids Revolution is an extremely effective and suitable program for children who are predisposed and susceptible to obesity or who do not have the necessary quantity of physical activity in their daily life.

Their development “suffers” a lot because of their low physical activity and Pulse Kids Revolution solves that problem.

Pulse Kids Revolution is not just a sports program, but an academy for training and education of children – not only about their mobility, but also about proper eating habits. It teaches kids how to select correctly and how often to consume food during the day.

Pulse Kids Revolution works in small groups under the strict supervision of professional and specialized coaches who monitor if the exercise is done in the right way and educate the children about their physical culture.

The intensity of training increases and gets upgraded as the program progresses.



unlimited visits per month

First 50 kids who have got registered will get a special price:
149BGN / month Regular price: 180 BGN / month

✅ Training sessions every day in line with an hourly schedule!
✅ Sessions in the weekends, too!
✅ Unlimited number of visits per month!