Birthdays at Pulse Kids

Pulse Kids is a popular venue for organizing children’s birthdays, where kids can have fun and celebrate their special day. At Pulse Kids, various programs and activities suitable for children of different age groups are offered.

Here’s what a children’s birthday at Pulse Kids entails.

Choose a party theme

Theme 1

Olympic Games

from 59BGN. - 120 minutes

- Mini competitions are organized for the children based on the birthday child's age.

- Various disciplines and equipment: trampoline/parallel bars/balance beam/rings/floor/vault.

- - Introduction of the participants to the rules. Animators act as judges with scorecards from 1 to 6.

Theme 2


from 59BGN. - 120 minutes

- Three different types of courses.

- Time to practice the course (??? minutes).

- Each child goes through the course 3 times:

* fastest time
* most attractive style
* free style

Theme 3

Chase/Hide and Seek/Obstacle Course

from 59BGN. - 120 minutes

- The children are divided into two teams according to the birthday boy's choice.

- Three different team battles:

* Hide, with both teams taking turns seeking/hiding.
* Seek, with both teams taking turns seeking/hiding.
* Timed obstacle course in two variants (entire team at once/relay race style).
* Suitable music

Animators award points based on which team performed faster.

- The winning team comes up with penalties for the losing team.

Theme 4

Angry Birds

from 59BGN. - 120 minutes

- The children are divided into two teams.

- A specific time is given for building fortifications/bases/shelters for each team using materials from the sports hall. Each team takes position in their constructed base. Each team has large slingshots for launching foam cubes, and the children shoot at the other team's base. Participants can attack and defend. There are three rounds, with each round ending when one team's base is knocked down.

Theme 5

Squid game

from 59BGN. - 120 minutes

- All children participate as one team against a course designed by the animators based on the birthday child's age.


Birthday party with 15 children. Preparation of 15 different obstacles, with the entire team facing obstacle number 1. Until a certain number of children (5) successfully pass the obstacle, the team does not proceed to the next one. It doesn't matter which children succeed, everyone attempts each obstacle at least twice.

- After the team completes the course, they come up with penalties for the animators!

Theme 6

King and Queen

from 59BGN. - 120 minutes

- The children showcase their skills in three different areas.

* Sports (exercises on every gymnastics apparatus)
* Dance (individual and pairs) to modern and classical music
* Hidden talent (singing, magic tricks, poetry, sports routines, etc.)

- The girls and boys take on the role of judges, evaluating each other.

- Necessary materials and additional services.

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