More about us

The goal of PULSE KIDS is to help children perceive sports as a way of life, rather than a side line activity that “takes away from their playtime.” Pulse Kids is an innovative concept for intelligent parents who understand the need for physical activity, playtime, and socialisation for every child. The club fills a niche that has long been awaited – a place where children can have fun, engage in sports, and develop their social skills simultaneously.

Dare to dream and peek into our world

Our story

After the creation of Pulse Fitness in 2012 and over a decade of work in supporting public health, we realized that caring for health is fundamental from an early age. That’s why we decided to build sports halls specifically designed for children.

Pulse Kids is a sports program created with the idea of providing children with the opportunity to engage in gymnastics (as one of the fundamental sports for overall physical development) and to develop their physical and motor skills.

Due to the quality services, it offers, Pulse Kids stands out with its cozy and child-friendly design, making activities more enjoyable and appealing for the little ones.

At Pulse Kids, both individual and group activities are held for children of all ages, with special attention given to safety and proper motor skill development. The hall offers various exercises and games that are both fun and help children develop physically and mentally.

Just like Pulse Fitness, Pulse Kids is a sports center built, equipped, and furnished with state-of-the-art materials, flooring, equipment, and accessories that meet the strictest industry standards on a global scale.

Every innovation in the field of sports facilities and healthy living from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, and UAE is timely introduced in our clubs.

Our focus

Building a stimulating and nurturing environment where your child is in safe hands and, most importantly, while our professional coaches help them work on their skills, they have fun!