Frequently asked questions

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What is Pulse Kids?

Pulse Kids is the latest and innovative sports-educational program in which children between 1 and 15 years play sports, learn new skills and develop their motor qualities (strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and speed) while playing and having fun. We welcome you to our professionally equipped gymnastics halls, where boys and girls have the opportunity to learn and improve in a safe environment with the help of our specialist trainers. Through fun games, practical exercises, and acrobatic elements, children develop both their motor and social skills, such as teamwork, initiative, overcoming fears, and more.

What happens during the Pulse Kids classes?

The training sessions at Pulse Kids are tailored entirely to the children’s ages. Activities always begin with warm-up exercises, followed by gymnastics and mini fitness equipment, digital interactive devices, and conclude with games and the special Pulse Kids dance.

Can my child attend a single session at Pulse Kids?

You have the opportunity to reserve a free trial session to experience what a class from the Pulse Kids program is like. Afterward, your child becomes a club member, and you can attend regular sports activities according to the schedule. We also offer one-time individual training sessions for non-club members.

How often do the activities are happening and what is their duration?

Pulse Kids offers training sessions every weekday, with club members attending 1 or 2 sessions per week, allowing each parent to choose the frequency of their child’s visits to the club.

Across different age groups, the training sessions vary in duration, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes.

Can we become a member at any time of the year?

Becoming a member in Pulse Kids is possible throughout the year, and new children can easily join and integrate into the existing groups.

Which age group is suitable for my child?

Children between 1 and 15 years are divided into groups according to their age as follows:
• Group 1 (1 – 2 years old)
• Group 2 (2 – 3 years old)
• Group 3 (3 – 4 years old)
• Group 4 (4 – 7 years old)
• Group 5 (7 – 10 years old)
• Pulse Kids Revolution (9 – 15 years old)

The activities in each group are tailored to the development, capabilities, and needs of children in the respective age group. If the schedule of our group activities is not convenient for you, there’s the option for individual training sessions at times convenient for you and your child.

Is parental presence required during the activities?

For the youngest children aged 1 to 3 years, parents actively participate in the sessions, assisting their child to engage in games and fun challenges in our gym. Parents of older children, from 3 to 15 years, we invite to our cozy closed terrace, from where they can watch the activities in the hall, enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee or tea. The presence of a parent in this age group is not mandatory if the children can independently use the restroom and changing area.

Does my child need prior preparation to join the sessions?

Children don’t require any prior preparation, but if they are training in professional sports, it will be taken into account when designing the training sessions.
Pulse Kids offers an accessible and convenient program for all children, regardless of their current abilities. We can prepare professional athletes as well, as we conduct conditioning workouts, but our main goal is to nurture children’s individual talents through sports, interactive games, and social activities.

Who are the instructors at Pulse Kids?

The Pulse Kids team consists of young and energetic coaches specially trained to work with children. Each of them has graduated from the National Sports Academy and the European Fitness Academy, and has completed the mandatory certified training program at Pulse.

Are there classes during the summer?

During the summer months and school vacations, we organize full-day and half-day activities at Pulse Kids Camp.

When does the child move to the next age group?

Children move to the next age group upon reaching the appropriate age and the parents’ readiness to adjust their training schedule.

Can we celebrate a birthday at Pulse Kids?

Of course! We offer a wide selection of themed parties with many games and exciting activities. Our coaches step into the roles of entertainers, dressed in themed costumes, organizing engaging activities for the children, including a kids’ disco.

What are the training prices?

You can learn more about payment conditions on our Prices page or contact us at 0878139402 or [email protected].

What else happens at the Pulse Kids gym?

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