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Group activities

Group gymnastics and conditioning workouts for children aged 1-15 are an excellent choice for developing the motor movements, coordination and physical activity of young athletes. They also help improve balance and major motor skills of children.

The advantage of group activities is that they give an opportunity for social interaction and cooperation among children. They have the chance to learn to work together, share, support and have fun with their peers.

The group training premises are specially equipped with various obstacles and all the gymnastic equipment necessary to carry out a wholesome training that develops and enhances the physical abilities of children.

The coaches who conduct the group gymnastic sessions are specially trained to work with children and encourage them efficiently and effortlessly to develop their skills and potential. They provide a safe and supportive environment where children can feel comfortable and have fun while doing sports.

Group gymnastics and conditioning activities for children are not only physically beneficial, but they also have a positive effect on the mental and emotional well-being of children as those activities help them develop their self-esteem, self-discipline, patience and perseverance.

Group 1

(1 - 2 years old)

At this earliest stage of child development, most children are either walking or have just started walking. As a result, they begin to show a strong interest in their surroundings and a desire to overcome various challenges and become independent.

This is also the age when they start speaking and learning to perform simple tasks independently. At this stage, it is very suitable for children to start performing various specialized exercises from the Pulse Kids program to maintain innate mobility in all joints.

Group 2

(2 - 3 years old)

Children at this age are in constant motion, without fatigue, faster, and stronger. They want to try everything since they feel they have the physical ability to perform exercises independently with instructions.

This is the age when children learn and refine various applied exercises from the Pulse Kids program (types of walking, crawling, climbing, etc.). They begin to gain confidence, a desire for independence, and autonomy, which enables them to speak more clearly, understand more of what is said to them, and participate in dialogue.

Group 3

(3 - 4 years old)

At this age, children take a big step, transitioning from nurseries to kindergartens. This is the moment when they are ready to engage in their first independent activities from the Pulse Kids program with our trainers (without the assistance and participation of their parents).

Children can now follow instructions and develop their basic gymnastic (motor) habits. The development of the sense of “I” and the feeling of satisfaction and pride in children begins. Their strength and coordination increase, giving them the ability to perform basic gymnastic exercises, with assistance or independently under easier conditions.

Group 4

(4 - 7 years old)

Children at this age already have fundamental motor and mental skills and abilities. The social aspect takes precedence in deriving satisfaction from achieved results, not only in training but also in interacting and forming friendships among children in this age group. The desire for sports competition and the aspiration for greater success compared to other participating children emerges.

At this stage, fundamental qualities such as strength, flexibility, and coordination are developed. The ability for longer concentration and attention retention in children is an indicator of learning specific foundational qualities for gymnastics and mastering more complex exercises.

Group 5

(7 - 10 years old)

This is the age when children become more responsible for themselves and the actions they take independently. Preparation for impending schooling and the thought of this significant step and change in their lives further develops their aspiration to succeed in their actions in every sphere of life up to the present stage, with the aim for these aspirations to transfer to the school environment.

Training at Pulse Kids advances to an even higher level – the element of attention retention in the form of play is reduced compared to the previous stages, in favour of building in children the drive for success and achieving high results.

Pulse Kids Revolution

(9 - 15 years old)

In the final age stage for children training at Pulse Kids, they are perceived as adults who expect the social interaction towards them to be on equal terms. Building the coach-competitor relationship is very important for the children success in the training sessions.

Exercises become more complex, and trust in the coach must be unparalleled. Most children participating in the sessions, having achieved success together, have built genuine friendships among themselves.

For your and our peace

Informed consent

The informed consent form is of crucial importance for the safety and well-being of your child. It allows us to understand important details about your child’s health, allergies, and special needs, which are essential for conducting activities and entertainment. Completing the consent form helps us ensure that we provide appropriate and individual attention, offering you greater security and tranquility. Your child deserves the best care, so please fill out the informed consent form and help us provide a personalized and safe experience at Pulse Kids.


Free trial workout

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“We are very satisfied with our experience in Pulse Kids! Our child has so much fun there and eagerly looks forward to every next session. The professionalism of the instructors and the unique atmosphere make the workouts enjoyable and enriching.”
“We highly recommend Pulse Kids! Our child not only learned incredible new things but also started showing discipline and increased self-confidence. We are impressed by the team, who treat each child individually and with care and dedication.”
“Incredible entertainment for the kids! Pulse Kids helps our child express themselves in a more creative and active way. We’re delighted to be part of this wonderful center, where our child feels at home and develops on different levels.” Petya Petrova